The Memorial

A memorial is a tradition that goes back to the beginning of civilisation. It preserves the memory of a loved one, and marks a persons life, becoming for many people a visible link between their departed one and themselves.

Choice of Material

Granite is an extremely hard, durable rock, being almost unaltered by any form of weathering. For memorial use it comes in many beautiful colours mainly from Scandinavia, India, China and Africa. It can be carved and shaped to suit most requirements and is vitually maintenance free. An occasional wipe down keeps the memorial clean and bright.

Soft stones, such as Limestone, Sandstone and Italian Marble all offer their own unique properties and colours, but are not as durable and long-lasting as granite. They need to be professionally cleaned regularly to keep them looking fresh.

Cemeteries and Churchyards

Cemeteries usually allow coloured polished granites and soft stones, although different local authorities stipulate minimum and maximum sizes. Permit forms and appropriate fees need to be submitted for approval, and once obtained and signed by the Grave Owner, the permit becomes the Grave Deeds, with a plot number.

Churchyard memorials are subject to more regulations than cemeteries. Soft stones and some granites, both with matt finishes, are usually acceptable but usually with strict requirements, e.g. only certain colours, and all with matt (honed) finish.

A Vicar can permit a straightforward memorial that fits current Diocesan regulations, and these do often change. More elaborate stones need to obtain a faculty (permission), which can be a lengthy and expensive business. We would be happy to support and help in this matter.

Memorial Inscriptions and Ornamentation

Cemeteries allow a wide variety of lettering styles (fonts), and these can be painted in many colours. High quality gold leaf, silver, black and cream enamels tend to be the most popular. Most ornamentations, such as animals, flowers, scenery, vehicles, etc., can be painted, but prices do vary according to complexity. We have many examples to view. Photoplaques can also be fitted, but local authority regulations apply.

Churchyards may well stipulate font style, regulate the lettering colours, and vet the overall inscription. Ornamentation is generally strictly governed, and seldom allows brightly painted designs.

Restoration and Repair

We offer a restoration service to clean and repair/refinish letters. Also additional inscriptions to existing memorials.

We also offer a service of re-erecting memorials deemed unsafe by relevant authorities.

In Summary